Robert Plant. Providence Civic Center. 1988.

Now and Zen, Robert Plant’s album from 1988

My first concert.

I got up at stupid o’clock to wait in line for tickets at the box office. Back in the olden days, that’s what you did if you wanted the good seats. Twenty-five bucks.

I was mad excited.

I liked Plant’s solo album, but I didn’t love it. It was mired in that weird synth-heavy sound that ruled the Top 40 charts in the early to mid-80s. But like most teens at the time, I was a huge Led Zeppelin fan. I figured there was no way I’d ever see the Zep lineup live (this was before reunion/farewell tours), so seeing Plant was a welcome second.

I was so young, I don’t recall a whole lot from that concert except that it solidified my love for rock and roll and ignited a passion for live performances.

We now live in a time of YouTube and some enterprising fellow posted the concert (from Toronto). Plant wasn’t in great voice for the opening song, but once he got warmed up, his pipes lit up the venue. Plus, there were a number of classic Zeppelin songs on the setlist.

Those trademark blond curls, that lead-singer swagger.  SWOON.

While my conscious mind doesn’t recall much, re-watching this footage makes it clear that I modeled our first Rogue Rock Star, Rogue Nation lead singer Dion Davis, after the sex-soaked Plant (without the 80s hair though).

What was your first concert? Any YouTube footage you can share? I’d love to know! xo