Changing routines is a trick, isn’t it? With September and back to school, my routine has changed (yes, even in pandemic times). While some people say changing routines can boost creativity, this week my creativity took a nosedive.

As I re-adjusted to a schedule (one that is going to change again next week!), my word count for book four was dramatically off. I’ll be spending some time this weekend trying to get myself caught up.I

On to the good news!

Songbird edits came back from my editor early! I still have plenty of work to do before it goes to the copy editor, but Presley’s book is just about done. Her book was a tough one to write, but I think (hope) you will love her story (and her!) as much I do.

Details on that release will be coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy the lil snippet (above) from the book.

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