We are continuing the Who’s Who in Heartbreak Beat series with Dion Davis. Catch up with Nikki here.

What can we say about Dion? He’s a preening pretty boy. Sexy, cocky, and blessed with a set of pipes that would make Robert Plant jealous.

Dion’s had a pretty easy life. He had a near-idyllic childhood. His mom and dad were high school sweethearts. They were together before his dad, Vince Davis, found superstardom as the front man for Anthem. His parents’ marriage defied the odds, and their commitment only strengthened under the glare of the spotlight.

But then his mom died. And Vince went from doting husband and dad to rock star hedonism.  Dion and his brother Kyle, along with adopted brother Rafe, went “rogue” – forming Rogue Nation and falling hard into the party scene. Sex and drugs and rock and roll.

All this masked the pain of losing his mom, compounded by the loss of the man his dad was while the family was intact. When Vince remarried to Pamela, who brought three girls in tow, Dion was angry that his mom was so easily replaced and by someone who was the anthesis of Claudia no less.

Anger and pain. Two emotions that Nikki carried with her as well. But with Nik, she channeled her rage into her music and her smart-ass comments. Nik was always a fighter and that was something Dion admired. Dion…well…he just kind of was an asshole.

Physically, in my mind Dion looked like surfer/model/”influencer” Jay Alvarrez. But Dion’s attitude was pure Robert Plant circa 1972 – give this video an ogle to get the idea. Swoon.

Who is your Dion? Who do you see when you read? Tell me in the comments!